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Woodblock Flooring in Birkenhead

At Regal Floors, we possess extensive experience of not only laying new woodblock flooring, but expert knowledge of caring for it too.

Properties planning to put in woodblock flooring in Birkenhead can depend on our expert operators to install woodblocks swiftly and accurately with the minimum amount of disruption. Using the latest large-size modern sanders available that create a minimum of dust in operation, we avoid any inconvenience to our clients.

Climate and culture

With a temperate climate, Birkenhead is an ideal location for homeowners planning a woodblock floor. Just like most people, wood is at its most comfortable with relative humidity and medium temperatures. Woodblock flooring can prove an attractive option for homes, creating decorative patterns adding impressive features to dining rooms and common passageways. Public and commercial buildings can also benefit from such designs in larger areas, from dance halls to the foyers of office blocks, showcasing intricate designs with wood.

Another benefit of woodblock flooring for Birkenhead properties can be the convenience of installations. Far lighter and less cumbersome to fit, work can often be completed more quickly and quietly. Wood flooring of any kind is renowned for its durability and those fitting this option will enjoy an excellent return on their investment. While some traditional woodblock floors have been known to outlive the building they are based in, today’s modern solutions can be refinished multiple times before ever requiring replacing. An added benefit of woodblock flooring is that it tends to get smoother over time with wear.

Woodblocks can offer an ideal flooring solution in public and commercial premises. Sports halls, school gyms and dance floors in community centres can all benefit from the robust quality of a woodblock flooring. Built to be durable and empowered to survive heavy traffic, woodblock flooring is also resistant against wheelchairs and damage caused by stiletto heel shoes. Seamless joints make woodblock flooring also an ideal choice for pubs, restaurants and nightclubs where tight joints can prevent stains from spills. School halls and gymnasiums are also areas where woodblock flooring can prove suitable, with many educational institutions selecting this option.

Those seeking expert help with restoring woodblock flooring around Birkenhead can trust Regal Floors. Our operatives enjoyed the privilege of working on the woodblock flooring at the iconic Liverpool landmark, St. Nicholas’s Church. The historic building’s woodblock floor had remained untouched for years but, following our restoration project ,was revived with many visitors commenting on its beauty and how much lighter the Church looked afterwards.

Our comprehensive service involves subfloor preparation, including a dampproof course if required. Woodblocks can be repaired or replaced entirely with new ones, and loose blocks refitted. Woodblocks are lifted, cleaned, and then laid once again to their precise pattern. Sanding and sealing will ensure woodblock floors feels smooth to the touch and are protected with a transparent polyurethane coating. This clear seal enables the wood grain to shine through while delivering a protected surface that is hardwearing and easy to clean.

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