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Laminate flooring in Cheshire

With so many different styles and patterns to choose from, installing laminate flooring has never been so appealing. With Regal Floors’ consummate professionalism and family-led ethics, looking for a company to install your laminate flooring in Cheshire has never been easier.

Hygienic and hard-wearing

Discerning homeowners can enjoy the many benefits of a laminate floor without the price tag that was traditionally associated with it. It is resistant to the kind of stains that could easily ruin carpets. This makes it perfect for families with small children or pets because, considering its natural resistance to mould and bacteria, aside from a regular sweep or mop it requires little maintenance to ensure its continued quality and protection.

The increasing versatility of the covering means that it can be placed on numerous different surfaces. Even businesses considering laminate flooring in Cheshire can add an element of style to their environment without the subsequent cleaning and maintenance costs.

Easy installation

Particularly helpful for business owners is the ease with which the laminate floor can be attached. It does not require the lengthy acclimatisation that hardwood flooring may require, so this reduces the time required for installation and thus any prolonged loss to business. For homeowners too, the speed with which the flooring can be installed is seen as a major benefit. You can go from planning to admiration of the finished product within a few short days.

As well as the speed of installation, the structure of laminate allows the floor to naturally expand or contract – perhaps as a result of pressure or even heat changes – without causing unsightly bulging or potentially damaging buckling of the material.

For those seeking laminate flooring in Cheshire, at Regal Floors we are unrivalled in our experience. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of well-installed, top quality laminate floors.