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YouTube carpet cleaning video helps people de-stress

A video of a professional carpet cleaning service washing a carpet has become popular on YouTube for people who want to lessen their stress levels.

Repetition can be the key to a calm mind and the reduction of anxiety. Dr Jill Owen, a psychologist from the British Psychologist Society, has been quoted saying:

“Repetitive behaviour and rituals can be very effective in increasing focus and reducing stress.”

Meditators often use repetitive sounds known as mantras to enter calm, peaceful states. Some people find that cleaning the home is a way to relieve stress. Research has found you do not need to actually clean. Simply watching a video, like the carpet cleaning one, is enough for repetitive behaviour to have a calming effect.

The video shows the repetitive movement of a rotary carpet cleaner across a patterned carpet. This is accompanied by the sounds of the foamy water swirling on the carpet. Some people say the sound reminds them of ocean waves. There is also the serene humming sound of the power washer gliding across the carpet.

If you want the live experience, call in a professional carpet cleaning service to your North Wales home. There is no guarantee that your mental health will be improved by entering a meditative state whilst watching the cleaners at work. Your physical health could be helped because the deep cleaning process by a professional carpet cleaning service removes harmful bacteria and materials that can aggravate allergies in some people.

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