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WWF makes a forestry deal with Apple

The World Wide Fund for Nature has entered into a partnership with Apple Inc. in order to help protect forests in China.

The initiative will involve the sustainable management of up to a million woodland acres for a period of five years. Wood flooring in the Wirral can be sourced from forests that are managed in line with environmental concerns.

WWF executive Lo Sze Ping commented:

“This collaboration between our two organizations will seek to reduce China’s ecological footprint by helping produce more wood from responsibly managed forests within its own borders.”

Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, has revealed that the corporation wants to limit its carbon emissions. It is in this context that the policy is going forward, with the company providing the resources.

Apple has recently focused on issues of corporate social responsibility more than it did in the past. For example, the multinational has lent its backing to the protection of thousands of acres of forest within the United States. That project, based in North Carolina and Maine, began a few weeks ago.

However, the Chinese partnership is on a bigger scale than the American venture and will entail planting trees to promote paper production. There will be a concerted effort to minimise water usage.

Local government will have a role in the delivery of results. Neither Apple nor the WWF are going to purchase the land, because farmers will retain their ownership rights. When the paper is manufactured, it will be given a certificate to mark the standards that will have been upheld.

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