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WWF asks UK firms to source timber legally

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has stepped up its campaign to back sustainable timber use in the UK.

The organisation has been concentrating on timber products that are not connected with the EU Timber Regulation stipulating that enterprises have an obligation to source wood for their goods from legal forestry.

It has asserted that some businesses are getting wood from risky sources that may turn out to be illegal on closer inspection.

If the WWF makes further progress on the sustainability issue, it could have implications for the popularity of wood flooring in Cheshire . Julia Young, a manager at the Global Forest and Trade Network of the WWF, has commented:

“We cannot continue to have a market where customers cannot be sure the product they buy is made from the wood declared. In the absence of better information from companies that their wood has come from a legally or sustainably logged forest, customers are in the dark.”

The WWF recently performed a research study and discovered that some illegal timber was getting through the net. Seven out of 17 businesses were found to be engaging in risky practices. Several of the tested products were not of the species or wood type specified by the firms responsible for them.

The WWF has stated that it has been encouraged by the level of engagement coming from some British businesses. These firms have been actively trying to improve their behaviour. However, the conservation charity ultimately wants the EU Timber Regulation to govern all timber goods.

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