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World’s first tree-covered social housing block created

Italian Architect Stefano Boeri announced that he is designing a social housing block with a difference in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

There is a trend in both exterior and interior building design to use natural products, particularly wood. High-rise buildings constructed from wood and featuring hardwood flooring are part of this trend, but few buildings feature trees themselves.

Boeri’s building is a 19-storey “vertical forest” and features tree covered balconies in a similar style to his Bosco Vertical Towers in Milan. The Milan project is a luxury development, but the Eindhoven block is the first time the concept has been used for affordable housing. The building will have 70 distinct species of trees and plants growing on the balconies of its 125 apartments.

The use of trees is more than just cosmetic; Boeri claims that it improves the lives of the city inhabitants. The foliage purifies the air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The trees also muffle the noise from the city.

Boeri says:

“Urban forestry is not only necessary to improve the environment of the world’s cities but also an opportunity to improve the living conditions of less fortunate city dwellers.”

If you want to create a natural feel for your home, try installing hardwood flooring in your Cheshire home. If you do not have a garden with trees but do have a balcony, consider planting a tree or two if you want to achieve something similar to the vertical forest look.

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