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World Floor Covering Association announces new hardwood trends

The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), a source of information on all types of floor finishes, recently announced the latest fashions in hardwood flooring.

To appeal to environmental concerns, many manufacturers are using reclaimed wood to make new hardwood flooring. Vintage style is an emerging trend, with floors having an old look. Recycled wood flooring creates a rustic traditional feel.

Another technique to create an aged look, says the WFCA, is lime washing. A lime-based wax is applied to the wood to make it look faded and aged.

Wire-brushed wood is another popular technique and uses a wire brush to remove the top soft wood layer. This exposes more of the natural wood grain and makes the surface tougher. Any small scratches such as those caused by pets tend not to be noticed because they blend in with the wire-brushed patterns.

Though most woods are brown, there is a trend for staining wood grey. Grey wood highlight the natural wood texture and grains, and neutral grey flooring complements most colours and decorative styles.

Traditionally, wood floors have a high-gloss finish, but the WFCA has observed a movement towards more low-gloss finishes. Low-gloss floors do not show up dust or pet hairs as much, and are easy to clean and maintain.

The new trends in hardwood flooring highlighted by the WFCA can be used as inspiration for people looking for fresh ideas in choosing hardwood flooring in their Wirral homes.

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