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Woodblock flooring improves your Cheshire home

Woodblock flooring not only look stylish, but can add to a property’s value – whether in an affluent or more modest area of Cheshire.

The love of wood

People living in Cheshire love the look of natural wood. They appreciate walking through Cheshire woods in Delamere Forest, or starting the 12-mile walk down the Wirral Way in Hooton. They bring the feel of nature back into their homes in the form of solid wood furniture, houseplants and wood floors.

Solid wood flooring

There are two main types of sold flooring, planks or blocks. Wood plank flooring is generally laid lengthways in a staggered pattern. Woodblock flooring, also known as parquet block flooring, can be laid in a number of geometric patterns. The most popular arrangement is the herringbone diagonal pattern.


Woodblock floors are made from 100% wood, the most popular is oak, though other wood types are available. Colours range from light to dark oak. Natural wood colours are preferred by most people, but coloured stains are available to shade the floor to match the room’s colour scheme.

Unusual woodblock floor patterns can be created using contrasting coloured blocks. Woodblock flooring looks beautiful and is pleasant to walk on.

Woodblock flooring adds value to a room by making tired looking areas look stylish and elegant.

Suitability and durability

Woodblock flooring is suitable for many floor areas as long as the room is not subject to high moisture, which can cause the wood to warp. This is why solid wood flooring is not recommended for bathrooms. Cheshire has a high annual rainfall, so precautions need to be taken if there is woodblock flooring in the hall area where people come into the house wearing wet clothes. As long as spills are wiped up quickly or there is a moisture-absorbing mat, woodblock flooring in halls is fine.

Some types of wood flooring can be used where underfloor heating has been installed, but consult with your supplier about the quality of wood required.

A woodblock floor will last for many decades and can be restored by sanding when worn. Wood blocks are also available as engineered wood which has a thin top layer of hardwood. Engineered wood can be sanded, but only a limited number of times due to its thin wood layer.

A good investment

Woodblock flooring is more expensive than many other flooring types, but it should be seen as a sound investment because it lasts a long time and needs replacing less often than cheaper flooring. The lifetime cost of woodblock makes this flooring a good buy.

Solid wood floors add value to a Cheshire home, which could be as much as 10% more. For example, if your home is worth £250,000, after installing woodblock flooring it could be worth £275,000. This added £25,000 is probably less than the cost of installing woodblock flooring, which makes wood floor cost effective.

If you want a floor that improves the aesthetic look and financial value of a home, woodblock flooring is an excellent choice. It’s suitable for commercial properties too.

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