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Wood to feature in design trends for next decade

Wood will be a key element of design trends for the next ten years, according to

During the coronavirus lockdown, people spent a lot of time at home thinking about ways of both improving their homes and preventing the spread of viruses. Designers and architects are aware that interiors need to look beautiful but also need to be easily cleaned and sanitised.

A popular design trend that ArchDaily predicts will be popular during the next ten years is biophilic design, which connects people with nature by featuring hanging plants and reclaimed wood in their homes. An alternative to reclaimed wood in this trend is recycled and restored wood floor planks.

Another trend is to expose existing wood to create warmth and elegant spaces. This has the advantage of being inexpensive. Ceilings are stripped to reveal wood joists and the floor planks of the rooms above. Some old buildings have their original wood floors covered in laminates and vinyl, but these can be removed and the wood restored by sanding and re-finishing.

Solid wood floors are easier to keep clean than carpets. Many homeowners are replacing carpets with engineered or hardwood flooring that can easily be cleaned with regular brushing and a wood cleaning solution. Wood floors are low maintenance and very durable.

Wood flooring in Cheshire homes and buildings has a natural beauty, is practical, easy to clean and long-lasting. You don’t have to follow design trends to appreciate the benefits of engineered or solid wood flooring.

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