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Wood replaces concrete for more sustainable buildings

The construction industry and architects are looking for more sustainable ways of building including replacing concrete with wood.

Many commercial buildings have engineered or solid wood floors, but are mainly constructed from concrete and steel. Architects are designing “mass timber” buildings that use strong engineered wood to replace reinforced concrete. Concrete production uses a lot of energy and creates carbon emissions. Wood grown in sustainable forests has a much less of an environmental impact.

Some building regulations restrict wood building to six storeys high, but this is changing. A recent mass timber building in Vancouver, Canada is 18 storeys high.

It is unlikely that most new buildings will be made from timber as is there is not enough wood available. This is why architects are experimenting with alternate materials such as pressed straw panels.

There is no shortage of wood to supply the demand for hardwood and engineered flooring. In Cheshire, people who want to occupy greener properties, cannot replace their bricks and concrete, but wood flooring can be installed.

Wood flooring in Cheshire is chosen for its durability and natural looks. Wood is a green, natural product which lasts for a long time and can be recycled at the end of its life.

Modern wood flooring such as the Quick-Step range is treated with a protective layer that makes the floor easy to clean. Dirt can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth. During the coronavirus situation, wood floors should be cleaned regularly to help prevent infection.

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