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Wood floors welcomed by homebuyers

A recent survey asked potential homebuyers about the features they did and didn’t want in a home. The results found that wood flooring is a popular and desirable feature.

The survey by Independent Network found that 20% of participants want to buy a new house within the next six months. The prospective homebuyers were asked to list the top features in homes they are looking for when purchasing, along with the features that could put them off buying.

The top five property features that were disliked were a lack of plug sockets, having no bath, Artex ceilings, single glazed windows and wood panelling.

The top desirable features, on the other hand, included double glazing, a downstairs toilet, energy efficiency and built-in storage. The tenth most wanted feature in a home was wood flooring, which homebuyers like for its natural luxury look. Wood flooring is also very practical, like most of the desired feature list. Wood is easy to clean, lasts a long time and is an environmentally friendly material.

A spokesperson for VEKA, which powered the survey, made the point that home improvement trends change over the years – a home feature added today could be considered old fashioned in a few years.

However, wood flooring is one design feature that is safe to install to attract homebuyers. Wood floors are a timeless trend, found in historic buildings as well as modern ones. Adding wood flooring to a Cheshire home can help it sell quickly and will likely increase the value of the property.

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