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Wood floors identified as way to combat hotel cleaner shortage

Replacing carpets with wood floors is one of many strategies that hotels are using to make the hotel cleaner’s job easier and quicker.

Many hotel cleaners employed in the UK come from European countries. After Brexit, it could be more difficult to recruit hotel cleaners. There have been stricter immigrant restrictions in the United States which have led to a shortage of cleaners. To meet this challenge, hotel chains are looking for ways to need fewer cleaners.

One way to reduce the number of cleaners required is to make room cleaning quicker. Some hotels offer incentives like money-off vouchers if guests do not want their rooms cleaned daily. Replacing carpets with easier to clean floors, like wood, is another way to save time. Wood is also more stain-resistant than carpets, so spilt wine is one of the things that can be easily removed.

You don’t have to be a hotel to benefit from wood floors though, as busy households and workplaces can install wood floors to save cleaning time. If a wood floor has loose dirt, a vacuum cleaner can quickly remove it or a brush can be used to sweep dirt up. Wood floors need regular mopping, but this does not necessarily need doing every day, unless the floor is in a high footfall area. Wood does not like damp, so any split liquids need to be removed promptly.

For some people, the cost of installing solid wood is prohibitive. Engineered wood and laminates provide the look of wood without the cost and are just as easy to clean.

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