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Wood floors ideal for small home offices

Many homes have a dedicated space for a home office. Wood flooring is recommended for small home offices.

Working from home has been common during the Covid pandemic, and though many people have now returned to their offices, homeworking has become a permanent feature of modern working life. Space is often at a premium in homes, so the home office area is often very small. There are ways to make a small space appear larger, however.

According to the magazine Feast, the surfaces of a small home office should be light coloured, and it recommends light wood or vinyl flooring. Dark colours and patterns create a busy look that can make a small home office appear even smaller. Pale oak and timber floors create a feeling of light and space. Darker wood floors can be stained a light grey or other light, neutral colour. Wood floors are clean and smooth, without being a uniform colour or texture.

As darker colours appear to extend the shadows in a room, the walls and ceiling should be light and bright to make them look more cheerful. Ideally, a home office space should have a window for natural light, but if not, people can use bright lights that reflect light from a polished wood floor.

Wood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes is preferred by many residents, but primarily for their living rooms. However, as Feast says, wood is also a great choice for flooring in home office spaces.

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