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Wood floors are key element of farmhouse chic look

Farmhouse chic is a trend popular in the United States that takes inspiration from American farms. It is often referred to as rustic and refined. It features wood floors, furniture and traditional design combined with more contemporary features.

Solid wood floors are a key component of the farmhouse chic design. People concerned about the environment prefer to use recycled wood planks for their floors. Unfortunately, this has led to a new type of crime in America, with thieves dismantling old wood barns to salvage their wood planks, which they sell to builders who make recycled wood floors from the stolen wood, not knowing it is stolen.

If you want the farmhouse chic style in your Cheshire home, start with a new wood floor. The look favours wide planks, with many people preferring muted colours such as grey, whitewashed or lighter woods. For an authentic old traditional look, use planks made from recycled wood or distressed wood that is made to look worn.

Strip doors to their natural wood, and have wood or wicker furniture and wood tables. Rugs and cushions with and bold grey striped patterns add a modern touch to this traditional farmhouse style.

Even if you do not like the farmhouse chic style, wood floors are versatile and match many different styles, both traditional to contemporary. Although more expensive initially, wooden floors last a long time, which can make them cheaper in the long term in comparison with floor coverings that need replacing more often.

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