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Wood flooring used in 17th Century building conversion

A three story house in Antwerp, Belgium measuring just 2.4 metres wide has been bought by a couple who have converted it into a one room hotel, Antwerp’s smallest hotel.

The outside of the building looks old, but thanks to extensive use of natural solid wood flooring and white walls, the inside of the hotel looks modern and luxurious. An open tiered staircase leads visitors to the lounge, bedroom and roof terrace. All the walls and window frames are white, and solid wood floors with an exposed finish provide contrast.

The wood flooring is a pale brown colour and creates a feeling of modern minimal luxury. Amenities in the building include a kitchen and hot tub.

The conversion was designed by architects DMVA. Its co-founder, Tom Verschueren believes that modern travellers are looking for unusual places to stay. He said:

“Adventure is becoming a key-word in the global tourism industry. The concept of the One Room Hotel is based on this. We believe that the market for this kind of initiative will grow in the coming years.”

DMVA’s philosophy is to experiment with forms and materials in their projects. The one room hotel illustrates the impact of solid wood floors combined with white décor, white fittings and white furniture. It is a look that can inspire rooms that have solid wood flooring installed in Cheshire homes and businesses. It is a style suitable for people who like simple clean and uncluttered rooms.

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