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Wood flooring predicted to be top trend in 2020

As the world enters a new decade, interior design experts are predicting the home design trends for 2020 and beyond.

Designer Elisa Morgante says that in 2020, kitchens will feature a modern and cleaner look with concealed appliances, stone backsplashes and no ‘visual clutter’. Wood and engineered wood flooring will feature in kitchens and other areas of the home as wood lasts a long time and can be sanded or stained to look like new when it starts to appears worn.

Designer Sherwin-Williamson says that the colour grey has been overdone, and it is time for black and white to feature. Wood floors stained black can create a dramatic but classic look for monochrome rooms.

The entrance hallway is often seen as a utility space that has no furniture or other features. Designer Liz Brooks predicts that more attention will be made to entranceways in 2020. She says that entrance areas are:

“the most important elements of a floor plan because it evokes a grand sense of arrival.”

If the hallway is wide enough, storage units and chairs can be placed there, and instead of cheap utilitarian floor coverings, solid hardwood floors add a luxury feel to halls.

Many people in Cheshire are thinking of upsizing to a larger home in 2020. Michael Valente of Renovation Sells recommends renovating homes to make them easier to sell. Installing wood flooring in a Cheshire home can add as much as 10% to the home’s value as well as enhancing the appeal of the home to attract buyers.

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