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Wood flooring named top feature to add value to home

An analysis of property listings on Rightmove has identified the main features that improve the value of homes, and these include wood flooring.

Researchers looked at Rightmove listings in Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham and Leeds to discover which home features add the greatest value to the price of a home. Its findings likely apply to the rest of the UK, and they are a guide on where to invest money on home improvements.

The analysts found that new bathrooms, loft conversions and renovated bathrooms are among the top features that add value to a home. Wooden flooring and underfloor heating were the two features that were most likely to improve property prices.

Not all home improvements add value to a home, however. Kev Tilley of the website said:

“In recent years there’s been a trend for wet rooms and shower-only bathrooms and as a result, many homeowners have opted to remove their baths completely.”

Despite this trend, homes without a bath put many buyers off and can reduce the value of a property.

Any improvement that increases the size of the home adds value. For example, a loft conversion can add 17.5% to the cost of a house.

Wood floors in Cheshire and Wirral homes are chosen because of their looks, durability and environmental friendliness. Hardwood flooring is expensive, but it is a solid investment, as a well-maintained wood floor is a luxury feature that can add up to 10% to the value of a property.

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