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Wood flooring makes homes more sustainable

In response to climate change, many people are now concerned about making their homes more sustainable and reducing carbon emissions. Wood flooring is an environmentally friendly option.

Solid wood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes is a great option for those who want 100% natural flooring that is manufactured without the use of chemicals. Hardwood is biodegradable and easily recycled. Some households prefer wood floor planks made from reclaimed timber that require no tree felling. Wood floor manufacturers source wood from sustainable forests where, for every tree cut down, at least one new tree is planted.

Engineered flooring is a less costly option than solid wood. It has a top layer of wood that makes it look identical to solid wood flooring. Engineered wood is good for circulating and conducting heat, which saves on energy bills. It is a layered material – the top layer is made from solid wood, and the other layers can be made from recycled wood. It is also suitable for installing over underfloor heating, which is an energy efficient way to heat a room.

Wood flooring is just one of the many ways to reduce a home’s carbon emissions. Solar panels, double glazing and quality insulation all mean that less energy is required to keep the home warm and provide hot water.

One household, by itself, cannot reverse climate change, but making many homes more eco-friendly can make a difference in Cheshire, the Wirral and the rest of the world.

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