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Wood flooring features in sustainable design guide

A group of interior design experts have contributed to a new guide on sustainable interior design published by the website Livingetc. An eco-friendly material that is highly recommended is wood.

One of the contributing experts, Anita Lo, explained in the guide that:

“Sustainably sourced materials are where nature replaces a raw material faster than (or in line with) the speed it is being extracted.”

Responsibly managed forests are those that plant one or more trees for every tree that is felled. The experts recommend choosing wood flooring made from sustainable timber.

Tom Allen, the head of a sustainable furniture company, recommends that consumers research where their wood for furniture and flooring comes from. Expert Kerry Kelly advises consumers to look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) endorsement for wood flooring, which guarantees that the timber is from sustainable forests.

Other materials used in home decor that can be sustainably produced include wool, hemp, linen and cork.

Wood flooring for Cheshire and Wirral homes can be expensive, which is why some choose laminate flooring, a more affordable option. Laminate does not have quite the same level of sustainability as real wood, but it does contain a high wood content, and 85% of the material in laminate planks can be recycled and converted into wood chips.

Furniture made from sustainable materials may cost more, but well-made furniture will last a long time. Hardwood flooring has a life of many decades and can be sanded to keep it in a near new condition.

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