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Wood flooring design trends going back to nature

A major trend of 2017 is the installation of natural wooden floors that impart a feeling of being in touch with nature, says wood floor company Kährs.

The Swedish company says there is an interior design to “go back to nature”. Many homes in Sweden feature windows that occupy the whole of the wall, blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors. Wooden floors extend this feeling of naturalness.

Kährs believes that sunlight shining through large windows and reflecting off a polished wooden floor cause a sense of colour confusion to people in a room. This is why the company recommends matt finishes that do not reflect light.

Kährs recognises that the initial investment in natural wooden floors can be expensive, but as they will last a long time it can cost less in the long run than cheaper but less durable floor coverings. Wood floors are easy to clean and maintain, with even decades-old shabby wooden floors able to be sanded, polished and brought back to life.

Founded 160 years ago, Kährs is one of the world’s oldest wood floor manufacturers and has a passion for nature and the environment. In 1977, the company said that natural wood flooring is:

“…an investment in a permanent value. A proof that beauty is the result of both inner and outer beauty.”

There many styles of quality wood flooring. If you want a covering that will look natural and last a long time, choose wood flooring for your Wirral home.

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