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Wood flooring design to help calm patients waiting to see doctor

Hilko Designs has designed a clinic in New York for Parsley Health that is specifically designed to calm patients.

GPs want their patients to be well, but often nervous patients face long anxious waits in dreary reception areas. Interior designers from Hilko Designs have created a doctor’s office based on biophilia principles that use natural elements to create a space that is calming and peaceful. The elements of biophilia include natural plants and natural materials such as wood floors.

The waiting area of the doctor’s office has plants that are sprayed with an essential oil blend of lemon, basil, and Cedarwood. There is a meditation nook and floor to ceiling windows that flood the area with natural light.

Wood is in abundance with wood chairs, shelves, and floors. Research has shown that rooms with natural elements like wood help lower blood pressure. The hallway leading to the reception lounge features a real tree.

Biophilia design aims to create environments that improve the way people feel both physically and mentally. British GPs are interested in improving their patient’s health. This New York clinic shows that health improvements can start in the waiting time before a doctor is seen as the natural features can help anxious patients waiting for their doctor’s appointment to feel relaxed.

It is easy to incorporate biophilic design in the home as well. By adding wood flooring in Cheshire homes alongside wooden furniture and spaces with plenty of plants, a peaceful environment can be created.

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