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Wood flooring association defines wooden floor

Some flooring industry professionals believe that there is confusion amongst consumers about what a wood floor is. This is because there are many floor coverings that look like wood, but do not contain wood.

In America, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is so concerned about this issue that it has launched a campaign that includes definitions and specifications of the three main types of wood flooring, solid wood, engineered wood and composite engineered wood.

What these three have in common is that they can be sanded. Laminates may have some wood content in them, but as they cannot be sanded, they fall outside of the NWFA strict definition of wood flooring. Vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles contain no wood but can be printed with a realistic wood pattern.

Floor coverings that look like wood are not inferior products, they are wood alternatives which are suitable for many residential and commercial rooms. The advantage of real wood is that it adds value to the home. It is usually more expensive to buy and install, but will last for a long time and can be restored by sanding.

When installing solid flooring in Cheshire rooms, if you want the wood look you can choose from non-wood materials printed to look like wood or real wood. A flooring supplier and installer will clearly show you which floor coverings are wood and which are wood-like. British consumers need not be confused about the difference between wood and non-wood floor coverings.

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