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Wood flooring and underfloor heating ideal for sustainable homes

Many householders and businesses in the Wirral and Cheshire region want the interior of their buildings to look stylish whilst being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. One of the most environmentally friendly floor coverings is natural wood made from timber that is sourced from sustainable forests. Combined with underfloor heating, wood floors reduce the carbon footprint of a property.

Both engineered and solid wood flooring are suitable for underfloor heating. The issue with solid wood flooring in the Cheshire climate is that it can be affected by moisture. This is why flooring planks made from kiln-dried timber is recommended, as they have minimum moisture content.

Wood can be affected by excess heat, but this is not an issue with underfloor heating, which does not need to be heated to a high temperature to provide an even, warm and comfortable heat. Wood floor planks are slotted together. They don’t need to be fixed or glued to the subfloor. There should be a small expansion gap around the edge of the room. This floating floor system ensures that the wood is not harmed by changes in humidity and temperature. Floor installers are experienced in installing wood flooring over underfloor heating.

When first heating up a room, set the heating to a low temperature, then raise it by 5°C each day until it reaches around 40°C.

To reduce the carbon footprint of your home or workspace, use underfloor heating underneath wood for a combination of practicality, energy efficiency and a beautiful, natural look.

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