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Wood flooring and eco design on the rise

Many people are now realising that many industrial practices are harming the planet, and this is leading to a rise in popularity of eco design and wood flooring.

Eco design focuses on using natural materials. This is different from green design, which concerns using recycled materials, renewable energy and eliminating waste. Eco design is concerned with using natural, organic materials. Many architects are combining eco and green design, creating buildings that look stunning, are energy efficient and use natural sustainable materials.

When it comes to flooring, wood is among the few materials that are from natural sources. However, not all wood is from forests that are well managed.

According to figures published by Greenpeace, natural resource consumption has doubled over the last 30 years. Many natural resources, such as fossil fuels, are finite, but if forests are sustainably managed, they provide an unending supply of timber for making flooring planks. For every tree cut down, at least one should be planted to replace it.

It takes energy to fell timber and make it into flooring planks. If the energy comes from renewable sources, such as solar or wind power, it makes wood flooring even more of a sustainable product. Wood flooring is also recyclable when the time comes to replace the floor.

Wood may be expensive, but it lasts a long time and adds value to a home. A less expensive alternative is engineered wood.

People may choose wood flooring for their Cheshire homes because of its luxury look, but it’s also good to know that wood flooring is an eco-friendly product.

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