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Wood floor cabins designed to help patients heal

In Norway, hospitals have created outdoor care retreats where recovering young patients can help recuperate away from the hospital environment in wood floor cabins.

Hospitals are good at curing physical health, but in Norway, they recognise that healing should also focus on emotional health. Two of Norway’s largest hospitals have partnered with the Friluftssykehuset Foundation charity to create outdoor retreat areas away from the main hospital buildings.

The Norwegians have a concept called friluftsliv, which is the importance of time spent in nature. A short walk from Oslo University Hospital is a lush forest area where tree houses and wooden cabins have been built. Children that are well enough can spend time in the retreat as part of their recovery process.

According to Maren Østvold Lindheim, a child psychologist at the hospital:

“Nature provides spontaneous joy and helps patients relax. Being in natural surroundings brings them a renewed calm that they can bring back with them into the hospital. In this sense, the Outdoor Care Retreat helps motivate patients to get through treatment and contribute to better disease management.”

If you cannot spend time in retreat in the Wirral’s many wooded areas, you can bring nature into the home. You can create your own friluftsliv environment by installing wood flooring in Wirral rooms and filling the building with plants and miniature bonsai trees that create an indoor forest.

There have been many studies that have shown the beneficial effects of working in environments that have wood and other natural elements in them.

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