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Wood and engineered flooring to trend in 2020

Wood and engineered wood flooring is expected to become a popular floor trend in 2020.

According to a survey by Light Stream, 30% of homeowners are dissatisfied with their floors and many of them are planning to replace their floor coverings.

There are several flooring design trends in 2020 including vinyl, tile and concrete, but traditional wood floors remain popular. One of the main drivers for the high demand for wood floors is concern for the environment. Consumers want wood from certified sustainable forests or wood floor planks made from recycled timber.

Wax or varnish finishes made from natural ingredients are available that don’t pollute the air. Wood floors are suitable for allergy sufferers because they don’t capture pollen dust or other substances that can affect sufferers. Another benefit of wood is that it can easily be recycled and made into new flooring and other products.

Nancy Ruddy, an expert on design and architecture, says that the most popular woods are oak, mahogany and ash. These are hardwearing woods that will last a long time.

Wood or engineered wood flooring in Cheshire homes are more expensive than many alternative floor coverings, but Cheshire residents are often prepared to pay extra for a natural and beautiful looking floor.

Wood flooring can add to the value of a Cheshire home so can be seen as a good financial investment that can be recouped when a house is sold. You don’t have to be influenced by floor design trends to appreciate the great qualities of wood floors.

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