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Woman uses nuts to mend wood flooring scratches

A woman claims to have found an unusual way of mending scratches on her wood flooring using nuts, which she shared in a TikTok video.

The woman explained that, after accidentally scratching her wood floor, she heard that nuts can remove scratches. In the video, she is seen using walnuts, pecans and pistachio nuts. She rubs a scratch on her floor with the walnut and the scratch disappears. The pecan also removes scratches. The pistachio was the last nut used, but it did not work.

There is a simple explanation of why this trick appears to work. Only oily nuts are effective, which is why non-oily pistachios do not work. As the nut is rubbed back and forth on the scratched area, friction causes it to warm up, releasing natural oils that fill up the scratch marks. It must be noted that this only works on lighter scratches.

The scratches aren’t actually mended either, but are stained with nut oil so that they’re not easily seen. The nut trick also works on wood furniture, but it’s not recommended for antique furniture, as it could cause damage.

Households with wood flooring in the Wirral and Cheshire regions could resort to using nuts to disguise scratches, but floor sanding is the best way to permanently remove scratches. Small areas can be sanded and then refinished with an oil or wood stain. If the whole floor is looking worn, a professional floor sander can be hired to restore the floor to a near-new condition.

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