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Woman reveals secret of purchasing wood flooring at discounted price

A woman from Glasgow has detailed how she managed to buy solid wood flooring for a cheaper price than normal.

Ellen Humphries wanted a real wooden floor but could not afford the cost of purchasing solid wood flooring planks. She did not want alternative wood effect floorings such as laminates and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). She came up with a novel way to purchase wood planks for her room for just £70.

She approached the manager of a local flooring retailer and asked him if she could purchase planks from open packets at a discount price. The manager agreed to sell her 18 square metres of wood flooring for £70.

The downside to this is that she bought planks that did not match, although they were from the same manufacturer and fit together without needing modification. After the planks were installed, she has a patchwork floor with planks of all shades of wood from light to dark.

Humphries says that the full price of the 18 metres if they matched, would have cost her £290, so this meant that she saved £220. On top of purchasing the planks was the cost of paying a joiner to fit the planks.

Wood floors in Cheshire rooms are popular for people who love their natural beauty and sustainability. Most people prefer their wood planks to match and don’t mind paying the cost of installing planks of the same wood type and colour. Wood floors are an investment as they add value to Cheshire homes, up to around 10%.

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