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Woman agrees to $42,000 carpet cleaning bill

The New York Times has reported that a Manhattan woman agreed to pay a staggering $42,000 (approximately £28,000) to have her carpet cleaned.

If you were looking for carpet cleaning in your North Wales or Cheshire home, then you would probably search the web for a reasonable quote for the job. A doctor in New York did a web search then arranged for a representative of a cleaning company to come to his home to quote for the job. The doctor was out, so his wife met the carpet cleaner.

She showed the representative of ABC Rug Cleaning a Persian carpet that was bought in the 1990s for $38,000. It needed a good clean and some repairs. The doctor’s wife agreed to a charge of $42,000 for the job and the carpet was taken away.

When the doctor discovered the cost, he was not pleased and was quoted as saying that the situation caused marital stress, according to the Haggler column of the New York Times. The doctor had mistakenly called the wrong company, intending to contact ABC Carpet & Home, a reputable New York firm who would have charged less than $1500 for the job.

ABC Rug Cleaning was contacted by the Haggler but refused to give back the carpet without full payment, even threatening to sell the carpet. Eventually the doctor agreed to pay $20,000 for the return of the carpet. When it arrived back, it had not been repaired.

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