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Solid Flooring on the Wirral

The Wirral is one of the UK’s tourist hotspots, and it offers visitors plenty of beautiful scenery. For those who live in the area, however, home improvement is a hot topic. The peninsula has some fascinating buildings, including Leasowe Lighthouse and, of course, the structures in Hamilton Square. When it comes to boosting the aesthetic value of a property, solid flooring on the Wirral is particularly popular. Here at Regal Floors, we specialise in all kinds of flooring, and we’re here to help you.

Solid flooring can give a home an unrivalled sense of awe and elegance, and can last for years with the right care.

The main benefits

Whilst solid flooring can come with larger price tags than other types, its longevity will more than justify the initial cost, as long as it is properly installed and well maintained.

Solid flooring is generally easy to clean, and although it can be affected by excessive moisture, sealing techniques can again be used for protection. Also, the hygienic benefits of having a floor that does not soak up bacteria and odours as readily as carpets cannot be understated.

A timeless sense of style

Wood flooring has been a focal point in homes for hundreds of years, and it has traditionally been viewed as something that only wealthier families can afford. The versatility of wood as a natural product can be made to suit homes of many shades and hues.

More and more people are opting to install solid flooring. Wirral homeowners who are seeking to renovate their properties can rely on the timeless nature of solid flooring, which doesn’t age or go out of fashion like some of the more modern products, like carpet and tiling.

The professional team at Regal Floors can provide the necessary guidance and expertise when it comes to the installation and care of solid flooring in Wirral homes. Call us today to find out more.