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Contract Vinyl in the Wirral

No matter the sector or industry in which it operates, any organisation in the Wirral can benefit from having vinyl flooring installed. Here at Regal Floors, our team has the experience and knowhow to provide great contract vinyl to the Wirral’s various businesses and nonprofits.

Vinyl is arguably one of the most durable kinds of flooring, as it is strong enough to resist damage from heavy furniture and fixtures, and won’t easily be worn down in buildings that experience high levels of foot traffic.

For that very reason, contract vinyl in the Wirral is popular with schools and nurseries, as well as healthcare facilities like nursing homes, clinics, and local healthcare facilities like St Catherine’s General Hospital and Victoria Central Hospital. Many organisations also choose vinyl because it’s available in non-slip styles to vastly improve visitor safety – an especially important consideration given the fact that some of the most common accidents in the workplace are trips and slips.

Vinyl is also popular as a flooring option for the fact that it can be effortlessly cleaned, with simple mopping and wiping enough to deal with the majority of spillages. Vinyl doesn’t stain easily with food or chemicals, which means the floor will not only last a long time from a practical standpoint, but will also maintain its new look for years.

It’s also common for office-based businesses and retail outlets to have a vinyl floor installed, as well as gyms, supermarkets, leisure centres and other facilities that can typically pose a high risk of trips and slips.

The team at Regal Floors has a broad pool of experience to draw from when offering advice on the most suitable varieties of flooring. We stock a number of styles of contract vinyl in the Wirral, so companies from Birkenhead to Bromborough and West Kirby to Wallasey can browse our range now. Find the perfect floor today!