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Laminate Flooring in Birkenhead

If you’re planning on fitting laminate flooring in Birkenhead, you can depend on our team here at Regal Floors. A family-run firm, we have been using our flooring expertise to help property owners for over 35 years. Offering an extensive range of products designed for different needs, we also offer flexible options, allowing you to either order laminate and install it yourself or benefit from our professional installation.

An easy care and durable flooring solution

From its community hubs like the St James Centre to educational institutions such as Birkenhead School, there are many buildings in Birkenhead with high footfall. Many of the qualities of laminate flooring make it ideal for areas that see a lot of traffic, such as public halls and foyers.

Designed with extra protection, high-quality brands of laminate flooring can be resistant to scratches, stains, moisture and even burns.

While it will not last quite as long as a hardwood option, laminate flooring in your Birkenhead property may be an ideal solution. When you are looking for a lower-cost option that still looks stylish and is easy to care for, laminate flooring is well worth considering.

Light mopping or sweeping is all that is generally required to keep it looking at its best, with specially designed products suited to cleaning laminate readily available.

Bringing the natural world into your home

With a population of around 329,000, the metropolitan area of Birkenhead has many residences of all shapes and sizes. Many homeowners are now looking to add natural-looking elements into their properties, and laminate can suit this purpose.

Laminate flooring is available as both layered boards and tiles, topped with high-resolution images and sealed with a protective finish. The images can resemble woodgrain finishes or even natural stone, while some premium versions are even available with a textured finish. Extremely realistic, laminate can offer a natural look and feel to your home with a far lower price tag than authentic stone and wood.

An alternative to traditional carpeting, laminate floor is also a hypoallergenic option, making it ideal for allergy sufferers as it accumulates little dust and dirt. Environmentally sound, it is also 100 percent recyclable.

Expert installation is essential

Working alongside our customers in fitting laminate floors, we have also removed existing flooring in Birkenhead that has become damaged and worn before its time. While different floor installers use different methods, all agree that to get the best longevity from any type of flooring option, it should be fitted by a professional.

If installed incorrectly, homeowners can experience a host of problems from their new laminate floor. These can include buckling and warping when the laminate is not properly acclimatised, and if ineffective underlays are installed, unwanted noise when the laminate is walked on can occur.

Our qualified operatives have the skills and experience needed to ensure you never encounter these issues and can enjoy your laminate flooring for years to come. Contact our professional team at Regal Floors today to discuss the wide variety of styles available for laminate flooring in your Birkenhead home.