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Will COVID-19 change floor covering choices?

After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many people may decide to change their floor covering to one that is easier to clean and keep virus-free.

The coronavirus crisis has focussed people on hygiene in the home. People are more aware of how germs spread. Alison Koch an interior designer at Outfit Home, says that surfaces that are seen as germ-resistant will be in more demand. She says:

“I think cleanable surfaces will be at the forefront of designers’ and clients’ minds for the foreseeable future.”

All flooring can be cleaned, but hard floorings like wood, laminates and vinyl are easier to clean than carpets or carpet tiles.

Cheshire residents expect many rainy days when mud, dirt and bacteria can be trodden into the home. Koch predicts that homes and offices with mudrooms will be popular. Mudrooms are entrance rooms where outside clothes and shoes are left so that little or no dirt is bought into the rest of the building.

Koch predicts that after the pandemic is over, new technology will create surfaces in the home and commercial properties that are easier to clean and hold less bacteria.

A lockdown at home is a time to reflect on life and plan changes, including improving the home environment. Wood and laminate flooring in Cheshire are a popular floor choice as they look good, are hard-wearing and easy to clean. After the virus danger has diminished, hard surface floors could become the number one choice in Cheshire.

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