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Why you shouldn’t overclean hardwood floors

Regular cleaning stops the COVID-19 virus from lingering on surfaces. However, Melissa Maker, the host of the YouTube channel CleanMySpace, says that overcleaning hardwood floors can destroy their protective finish.

Hardwood flooring is popular in Wirral and Cheshire homes. Wood is a natural material that looks good and is environmentally friendly. This type of flooring is very durable and will last for many decades if it is looked after. Like all flooring, wood floors need regular cleaning, but, according to Well + Good, Maker says that frequent wet mopping is not beneficial. A protective finish on wood flooring reduces the risk of damage and stains, but too much wet mopping can remove this finish and risks damaging the floor.

Maker says that the key to keeping hardwood flooring clean is to remove shoes that bring in dirt from the outside. Put on slippers when entering hardwood floor rooms – this is better than going barefoot, as dead skin cells shed from bare feet can coat the wood.

Spills should be cleaned up as soon as they occur, and the floor should be regularly vacuumed. Instead of wet mopping, use a spray solution formulated to remove grease without harming the wood finish. After spraying the floor, go over it with a cleaning pad or dry mop. The wood floor will be clean and no residue will be left.

While there is still a danger from the virus, concerned individuals can use a floor cleaning solution that contains a disinfectant.

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