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Why you should choose laminate flooring for your utility room

A utility room is a practical space that benefits from hardwearing laminate flooring. Here’s why you should consider this type of flooring for your utility room:


Due to the nature of a utility room, it needs hardwearing, water-resistant flooring that is easy to clean. Laminate flooring is therefore ideal for utility rooms. People love the natural look of wood, but real wood does not suit high-moisture areas. Waterproof laminate flooring provides the look of wood without the risk of damage. Choose from light to dark shades to suit the room decor. If wood is not your style, laminates are available that look like stone or tiles.

Added safety

For extra safety, choose a laminate with a non-slip surface, especially if the utility room has a sink or washing machine that can cause water spills, Anti-slip sprays are available for existing laminates to prevent falls. If rugs are placed on the floor, they should have a rubber backing to prevent them from moving when stood on.

Long life

A high-quality laminate floor will last a long time, even in a heavily used utility room. Choose one with a long warranty so that you are assured the floor will not need replacing for many years.

This type of flooring provides the look of natural wood at a reduced cost compared to engineered or solid wood flooring. It is also environmentally friendly, using wood from sustainable forests.

Laminate flooring in Cheshire and Wirral homes is a stylish and practical choice for utility rooms, and it is also suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

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