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Why replacing hardwood floors shouldn’t be first solution

Good quality hardwood floors are very durable but can look worn and uneven after a few years. Many people are tempted to replace their creaking and uneven floor, but the floor may be repairable.

If the wood flooring is over a subfloor, first check that it is in good condition. If the subfloor is damp, damaged or mouldy, then this could be the reason that the wood floor looks worn. Replace or repair the subfloor first before you replace the whole floor.

Damaged wood flooring can often be repaired by sanding then covering with a protective layer. The floor can be stained in a different colour if preferred. It is important to highlight that staining a light wood darker is much easier than making dark wood lighter.

However, if your wood flooring does need to be replaced, don’t throw away the old floor planks, as the wood can be recycled. Wood flooring is expensive, but planks with knots and checks are often sold cheaper. A high gloss finish can help to hide imperfections, or sub-standard planks can be laid under rugs or furniture.

New or replacement hardwood flooring in Cheshire homes can be one of the most improvements to these properties. However, if you look at the long term cost, it is a worthwhile investment. A well looked after wood floor will last for decades and won’t need replacing as often as many other types of flooring. A wood floor in the home can add up to 10% to the property’s value, so most, or all of the installation cost can be recouped if the home is sold.

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