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Why hardwood flooring makes economic business sense

There is an economic benefit to installing hardwood flooring in commercial buildings.

Many people install wood flooring in Wirral homes, but many businesses prefer laminate or vinyl flooring for their workplaces. There is however a shift towards using wood in new commercial premises. The design movement called biophilia is based on connecting humans to nature. Buildings designed by biophilia architects feature wood beams, columns, floors and ceilings. Spaces are filled with live plants. All over the world, large commercial buildings are being constructed mainly from wood rather than traditional concrete and steel.

Workers surrounded by natural wood benefit from the visual impressions of the colour and grain of the wood, as well as the touch and smell of timber. Wood floors also create a particular acoustic atmosphere.

According to Portuguese architect Bruno Duarte Dias, well-designed spaces that feature natural materials like wood, encourage creativity and productivity in workers. There is less employee absenteeism, more focus, and a more positive mood. If his findings are true, paying more for wood floor coverings compared to alternatives is an investment that can increase worker efficiency and this results in more profit.

Wirral employers want to attract the best talent and retain valuable workers. This requires more than a large salary; an attractive workplace helps keep workers happy and less likely to leave.

Wood flooring is environmentally friendly too as wood can be recycled at the end of its life.

Some existing Wirral buildings may be limited to how many wood features they can add, but they can start by installing hardwood flooring.

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