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Why hardwood flooring is ideal for home gyms

If you’re installing a gym in your home, consider hardwood flooring – here are some reasons why.

Luxury feel

When designing a home gym, there is no need to make it look like a commercial gym with specialised non-slip flooring. The floor can look as appealing as the other floors in the home. For a luxury look and feel, choose natural wood, which is a practical option, provided yoga or gym mats are used to protect the floor when exercising. Wood flooring is not recommended for heavy gym equipment, but most home gyms have lightweight equipment.

Contemporary look

A home gym probably won’t have furniture in it, just a few items of equipment. To brighten the space up and to create a contemporary feel, choose light oak or blond wood. A minimalist, uncluttered look is good for a home gym.

Engineered flooring

A less expensive alternative to solid wood flooring is engineered flooring, which has a real wood layer on the top. If weights or other equipment are dropped and damage a wood floor, it can easily be repaired by sanding. Wood planks can be replaced if large areas are damaged.


During the time of Covid, it is important to keep the home clean. Wood flooring is easy to maintain. Dust and debris can be removed by vacuuming, and specialised wood flooring cleaning solutions can be used to keep the floor clean.

Hardwood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes is suitable for most rooms, though is not recommended for high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and washrooms.

Wood is a natural, sustainable product that lasts a long time, even with daily heavy workouts.

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