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Which type of flooring is right for your room?

Choosing the most suitable flooring for a room may not seem straightforward but, if you follow some simple guidelines, it should be easy to narrow down your options. The most important considerations are practical ones but, once these have been worked out, it comes down to style and your own personal taste plays an important role in the decision-making process.

Practical considerations involve the type of room you have and how much foot traffic it will be likely to experience, as well as the typical levels of moisture. A room like a bathroom, for example, will require flooring that can cope with damp conditions and materials such as vinyl or ceramic tiles, or linoleum, could be appropriate. These types of flooring are durable and could also be used in kitchens, where spills are inevitable and where it is important to be able to keep floors clean.

In the case of ceramic tiles, the floor underneath should not be prone to movement or there is a real risk of cracking. Safety is vital and tiles with a non-slip surface may be required in homes where there are children or people with mobility problems.

Living rooms can be furnished with a range of flooring types, with carpet, wood and laminate being popular choices. In rooms where soundproofing matters, carpet may be more suitable. Picking the right kind of flooring for a bedroom boils down to how cosy you want the room to feel. Probably the cosiest option of all is carpet, with wood as a second option for those who prefer a slightly more minimal feel to their room. Carpet is soft underfoot as well as warm, while wood is durable yet warmer than other hard-wearing flooring options such as tiles.

Whatever flooring you choose for your room, it should be something that you can maintain easily, which fits within your budget and appeals to you visually.

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