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Which type of flooring adds the most value to your home?

Research by the Tech Times looked at the best floors to install if you want to add value to a home. The top of the list is solid or engineered wood flooring, followed by luxury vinyl and laminate flooring.

Cheshire people choose floor coverings for how they make a room look. They are also interested in how easy the floor is to keep clean and how durable it is. Wood flooring fulfils all these criteria but engineered or solid wood tends to be more expensive than alternative floor coverings. Before making purchasing decisions, it’s worth considering the value wood floors add to a home. This can be as much as increasing a home’s worth by an extra 10%. This means that the cost of installing wood floors can be recouped when the house is sold.

Wood floors have a natural beauty that attracts buyers, making a home with wood floors easier to sell.

Another financial benefit is that wood floors last a long time, which makes wood flooring cost-effective when compared to cheaper grade floor coverings that won’t last as long. If the wood is scratched or worn, it can be sanded to restore the floor to a nearly new condition. For minor scratches, a wood floor pen, which costs less than £10, is effective at covering up scratches.

Choose engineered wood flooring that provides the look of natural wood at less cost if solid wood is beyond your budget.

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