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Which type of contract flooring is right for you?

Whether you are based in an office, a shop, a café, a care home, or other place of work, you will want your Liverpool workplace looking sleek for your customers and, importantly, you will want it to be safe for your colleagues and visitors.

When it comes to selecting the best sort of flooring for your organisation, you’ll find you have a number of options to choose from. These can be broadly distinguished into three categories: commercial carpet tiles, linoleum tiles, and rubber flooring. There are a few things to consider about each before you decide which is the most appropriate for your business.

Carpet tiles

You will have seen these in offices all around Liverpool. These are hardwearing carpet tiles that enhance the appearance of any workplace and help to absorb noise of people walking on floors above you. Available with long life guarantees and in a variety of designs and colours, these tiles are easy to fit, and are a popular choice for workspaces that get a lot of thoroughfare, without compromising on comfort.

For a more luxurious feel, you may prefer to install rolls of commercial carpet. These provide a more uniform aspect to your flooring, and have a plusher appearance, while also being appropriate for offices with a high footfall.

Linoleum and vinyl tiles

Lino and vinyl-based floors add a more contemporary twist to your work place’s appearance. You can choose from stylish wood-effect laminate, to offer a warmer feel to your office. Vinyl is a great choice for offices looking for a trendy minimalist look. Very hardwearing and non-slip, these floors are also appropriate for use in places like bars, cafés, and restaurants where slips and trips are more common. Linoleum tiles or rolls are also a fabulous for places which need to be hardwearing, where people walk or where tables and chairs risk scratching the floor. Linoleum is made principally of natural materials. It comes in a wide range of designs and colours – even tile or marble effects are available in linoleum – which enables you to really personalize your workplace.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is practically compulsory in some workplaces, but that does not mean that it cannot also be stylish! Gyms, swimming pools and spa/saunas make use of rubber floors because the added friction makes these safer for people moving about.

Maybe you work in a kitchen or bar where water, food and other slippery bits have the potential to land on the floor. Maybe you are caring for vulnerable people – the elderly or disabled – where it can be a good idea to make sure that tricky areas like bathrooms, corridors or other thoroughfares are covered with rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring comes in a variety of styles. Studded tiles are very popular in the construction industry and scream ‘health and safety’, but smooth tiles, or slate-effect tiles, are also good choices for something more subtle. Rubber flooring is waterproof and very hardwearing. With the right kind of care, it’s also easy to clean hygienically.

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