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Where should you install non-slip flooring?

Heavy-duty safety flooring made from vinyl has been designed specifically to provide a non-slip flooring solution. Vinyl flooring is available with an extra wear layer that makes it exceptionally durable, and by design, it’s entirely resistant to moisture. For added safety, this kind of floor covering is often treated with an invisible, lightly textured coating, allowing the flooring to keep its original appearance.

Whether you’re a business or homeowner, having slip-resistant flooring can be not only advantageous, but imperative too, depending on your use. Read on to discover to discover more about non-slip flooring as we examine seven different applications it’s well suited to.

Commercial kitchens

Any environment where hazards to human health and safety exist should use non-slip flooring choices. Commercial kitchens are busy workplaces where numerous staff must work alongside each other, dealing with both heat and water. Floors can soon become slippery from spillage when heavy pots filled with boiling ingredients must be transferred from station to station. Appliances must operate at high temperatures and sometimes with naked flames, while a cook’s standard toolkit will always involve a sharp set of knives. With so many potential dangers at hand, being able to have firm footing is vital for all employees.


Research labs across the UK can benefit from non-slip flooring to preserve the safety of staff and samples. Labs must often handle sensitive materials that can be corrosive or lead to contamination. Heavy-duty vinyl not only provides premium levels of traction, but it’s also highly resistant to chemical spills, making it a great fit for pharmaceutical environments.

School halls

Schools have a duty of care to their students. Whether floors are used for assemblies or sports safety, vinyl is a perfect choice. Schools can also benefit from vinyl’s hardwearing properties in these high-traffic areas, making it a sound investment.


With a multitude of machinery in operation, factories require safety flooring to operate within UK health and safety laws to prevent potential accidents to staff onsite.

Home and commercial gyms

Whether you’re lifting weights or doing floor exercises, ensuring your feet have a great grip on the floor is a must. With anti-slip flooring, you can feel safe to get fit, whether you’re in a commercial or home-based gym.

Wet rooms

Vinyl floors provide a waterproof solution that’s ideal for shower and wet rooms in your home, where anti-slip properties are critical. When water, shampoo and shower gel combine, a slippery surface is unavoidable, but with added traction, this flooring can keep you safe.

Care homes and hospitals

Finally, hospitals and nursing homes need heavy-duty vinyl flooring that meets both environmental legislation and health and safety standards. Vinyl is also exceptionally easy to clean, making it a simpler task for healthcare facilities to maintain optimum hygiene levels onsite.

Whether you’re planning on fitting a new floor around your home or your business, consider a non-slip vinyl option when you’re looking for additional safety and a floor that’s built to last.

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