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What’s the best flooring for office receptions?

There’s no doubt that first impressions count. As the initial contact point for clients, it’s essential that the image of your company they take away from your office reception is the right one. Whether you are setting up a new office or revisiting the style of an existing one with an upgrade, there are many design elements you can use to show visitors what your business is about. From the lighting you select to the furnishings you offer those waiting, you can create a comfortable and pleasant experience.

An often overlooked but important part of any office reception is its floor. A major part of any room, flooring that looks uncared for can quickly give the wrong idea to visiting customers. Selecting the correct floor coverings can be critical, but it will depend on the kind of company you run and who your customers are. In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the many options available and explore the different types of office receptions they may suit.

Engineered wood flooring

For a real wood feel at affordable prices, engineered wood flooring can be a product worth considering. Exceptionally durable, this type of flooring features a layer of hardwood affixed to softwood to keep costs down. While it won’t last as long as a solid wood floor, the top layer of engineered boards can still be sanded down and refinished multiple times. While not easy to maintain for busy receptions, if you run a smaller and more select enterprise, an authentic wood look can create a luxury atmosphere for your meet and greet area.

Contract carpet flooring

Hard wearing and flexible, a contract carpet solution has multiple benefits as a choice for office receptions. Extremely versatile, these heavy-duty carpet tiles are readily supplied in an impressive selection of textures and a range of colours, ideal for showcasing your business’ distinct brand. Carpet can add a sense of warmth to dedicated reception areas, making them feel welcoming to guests. The modular design of carpet tiles makes installation swift and simple, which can make it an affordable option to suit your budget. If you encounter daily spills and stains, carpet tiles are also supremely easy to swap out with spares, returning your reception to its perfect appearance.

Vinyl tile flooring

Perhaps the most ideal flooring for a reception that sees considerable traffic is vinyl tile. It not only stands up under the stress of heavy footfall, but it’s also incredibly easy to maintain. Simple daily mopping is all that’s required to keep a vinyl flooring looking its best and to ensure your visitors leave impressed.

Today’s vinyl solutions come in a diverse selection of styles, with tiles appearing as natural stone or boards that resemble wood. Like contract carpet, you’ll find vinyl is available in many different colours to suit your taste. It also provides a safe and secure environment due to its non-slip properties, making it ideal for office reception areas when visitors stop by on a rainy day.

With a wide range of flooring solutions now available, selecting a style for your office reception that suits your company’s brand and appeals to visitors has never been easier.

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