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What’s so great about wood floors for homes in Liverpool?

Wood floors may have declined in popularity during the late 20th century, as more people opted for mass-produced fitted carpets, but their popularity has returned in recent decades. With this in mind, here are some facts about wood flooring:

What exactly is solid wood flooring?

A solid wood floor is made from planks or blocks that have been cut from timber. There are numerous suitable woods to choose from, each with its own unique appearance and physical properties. You can even get solid wood floors made from bamboo, which is actually a form of grass. The planks of a solid wood floor can be arranged in straight lines or intricate parquet patterns to achieve different effects.

Red wine and other spills are not a problem for wood floors

The people of Liverpool love to entertain, but a spilled glass of red wine will start staining a carpet from the moment it hits. This is not the case with wood flooring, though; if anything gets spilled on a wood floor, you can just mop it up with a cloth straight away and get back to whatever you were doing.

Pets love real wood floors

With the smooth, hard surface of laminate, cats and dogs can have trouble keeping a steady footing. This can be especially problematic for playful pups and kittens, and older pets with limited mobility. Having a solid wood floor will make them much happier, but be sure to keep their nails trimmed to avoid scratches.

Wood flooring has a comforting feel and sound

When walking on other hard surfaces like stone or tile, you often hear the pronounced sound of every step. A wood floor, in contrast, produces much less noise, and you’ll find it to be way more comfortable as you walk over it.

A solid wood floor ages gracefully

It’s relatively easy to scratch a laminate floor, and a deep scratch can really stand out. A solid wood floor, meanwhile, soaks up the damage of daily life with much more grace, and you may even find that the odd blemish adds more character to the floor. If you want perfection, though, you can have it sanded and refinished for an unblemished appearance.

A wood floor is an investment

The longevity of wood flooring means it justifies its cost over time, but it may also increase the value of your Liverpool home if you ever come to sell it. In contrast, low-quality laminate and vinyl floors tend to decrease the value of a property.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a solid wood floor, or a room is unsuitable for it, you can get a similar benefit from other high-quality options. Engineered wood flooring can give much the same appearance at a lower price point, while a high-end laminate floor can realistically mimic the look and feel of a real wood floor. You’re also not limited to vinyl in kitchens and bathrooms anymore, because you can now get good quality waterproof laminate floors that are suitable for wetter areas.

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