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What to do if you find hardwood floors in your home

Many old homes have carpets or vinyl flooring. New owners of these homes may not always realise what lies under their floor coverings, and many are surprised to find hardwood flooring when they lift up the floor covering.

People typically cover a hardwood floor with carpets or vinyl if the wood is in poor condition, looks worn, is faded or is scratched. Fortunately, solid wood can be restored with floor sanding and coating the floor to protect it.

Restoring wood flooring

Some try to sand floors themselves, but without experience of floor sanding, it is easy to make mistakes, leaving the floor in a less-than-ideal condition. A professional floor sander has the equipment and experience to restore a wood floor to look new.

Before the floor sander arrives, it’s important to prepare the room. Empty the room of all furniture and equipment, such as a television or music system.. Clear the shelves and walls of all objects. Any nails that are sticking out will need punching in so that they are below the surface, and rotten floorboards will need replacing.

Expect floor sanding to make an old wood floor look like new again. As well as improving the look of a room, floor sanding in Cheshire and Wirral homes adds value to homes and makes them more attractive to buyers when selling. Wood flooring can also be installed in existing homes for those who love the natural look of real wood.

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