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What to avoid when selling a home with wooden floors

Before selling their homes, many people perform renovations that they think will add value to their property, and this includes improving the wood flooring. However, there are some improvements that should be avoided.

Writing for the Cambridge Independent, property expert Rachel Zschieschang warns that certain modifications to houses can, in fact, decrease the value of a home. For example, removing the bath and replacing it with a shower provides extra space in a small bathroom, but it can put off families, who see a bath as essential for young children and washing pets.

Bold and vivid colours appeal to some, but if the home is decorated in a non-conservative style, it could also put people off when it’s time to sell.

Real wood flooring in Cheshire and Wirral homes can add up to 10% to a property’s value. If the wood flooring is worn or scratched, it should be sanded and refinished, but hiring a professional floor sander is expensive and takes time. If there are lots of other costly renovations to be done, it may be tempting to simply paint the wood. However, a natural wood floor adds character and value to a home, and while a freshly painted floor can look acceptable, it can put potential buyers off.

Money can be saved by doing the renovations yourself, but if no one in the household is an expert, poor workmanship devalues a home. Floor sanding and other skilled jobs should be left to the professionals.

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