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What is the best wood flooring for homes?

Wood flooring is a popular choice in Cheshire homes, loved for its natural looks and hard-wearing qualities. The best colour, style and wood type depends on a number of factors, including the decor, room size and environmental considerations.

The first point to look at when choosing wood flooring is the colour and style. Wood has a natural colour that suits many room styles. Lighter coloured wood makes smaller rooms look more spacious and complements most colour palettes. Dark woods make rooms feel warm and cosy and work well with a more traditional decor style.

Wide boards are currently trending and are especially suitable for large rooms and open-plan homes.

If cost is a concern, engineered flooring has a timber veneer between three and six millimetres thick, which is attached to a composite material, usually plywood. Solid timber flooring is made entirely from wood but often has a top protective coating. Engineered wood is a great way to have a natural-looking wood floor at a lower cost than solid hardwood flooring.

Many Cheshire homeowners are concerned about the environment, and so they prefer wood that has been sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests or wood flooring made from reclaimed timber. Such individuals should look out for the FSC certification on wood or engineered flooring, as this certifies that each stage of the flooring manufacturing process has been carried out with care for the environment.

Both engineered wood and solid wood will last a long time. They can be sanded when worn, though three-metre engineered wood cannot be sanded often. The best option will depend on the individual style and needs of each homeowner.

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