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What is the best type of contract flooring in Liverpool?

There are about 880,000 people who live in Liverpool, and many more commute to the city each day. They walk on a huge number of Liverpool floors, meaning that there is a large demand for contract flooring. What type of contract flooring is best?

The people of Liverpool are renowned for being warm and friendly, and when it comes to providing services for them, they appreciate quality. What Liverpool people look for in contract flooring is performance and value for money.

There are many days when it rains in Liverpool, so flooring must withstand wet shoes and boots. There are several types of contract flooring that are suitable for rooms in the city.

Wood and laminates

Solid wood flooring is a good choice because it looks great and adds richness and depth to a room. If environmental issues are a concern, use wood from sustainable forests or recycled wood. Furthermore, if a wood floor becomes worn, it can be sanded to look like new again.

Laminate flooring is a less expensive alternative to solid wood flooring. Laminate floors can look so real that they are difficult to tell from solid wood. Laminate is easy to maintain and available in many shades to match the décor of a room.

Another alternative to solid wood is engineered wood that has a thin veneer layer of solid wood on top of HDF fibreboard or soft wood. It is difficult to tell engineered wood from solid wood. Like solid wood, it can be sanded to restore its finish. Another advantage of using engineered wood is that it can cope with water better than solid wood and it can be used on top of underfloor heating. This makes engineered wood ideal for the cold, damp Liverpool climate.

Vinyl and linoleum

When the Beatles were growing up in Liverpool, linoleum (or lino for short) was a popular choice for flooring. Paul McCartney’s home in Forthlin Road had bedrooms and the kitchen floors covered in lino. Lino is cheap, but not very durable.

Vinyl was introduced as an alternative to lino. Thin vinyl is inexpensive but not recommended for contract flooring because it does not wear well. Premium quality vinyl is thick and can resemble stone or wood. Premium ranges are guaranteed to last for 15 years or more. A good vinyl is water resistant. Vinyl is easy to install, but if the subfloor is uneven, a scree may be needed to level the floor.

Stone and tiles

Stone is a hard-wearing material but can be heavy. Stone floors may need a solid subfloor or have the floor reinforced to take the weight. Although it can be expensive, a good quality stone floor will last a long time. Cheaper flooring may need replacing after a few years, so in the long term a stone floor does not work out that expensive.

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are a good choice. Porcelain is more heavy wearing.

Many choices

There are many materials to choose from for contract flooring in Liverpool. Talk to your floor installer about the best type of floor covering for your rooms.

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