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What is the best flooring for garages?

Many households don’t use their garages to store cars, instead preferring to use them for general storage and other purposes. If you spend a lot of time in the garage, consider changing the dull concrete floor to something more appealing.

Garages are used as sanctuaries, home gyms, workshops, and storage areas. Some people have installed a desk in the garage for home working during the pandemic.

If used for exercise, the best type of flooring is non-slip. Use specialist ridged tiles for exercise areas, or standard laminate or vinyl flooring coated with a non-slip solution.

If the garage is used for a home office, or an extra lounge area, the floor needs upgrading. If members of the household are home working in the garage, on a more permanent basis after lockdown measures are eased, the garage can be converted into a more luxurious space by insulating it for warmth, plaster boarding the walls for painting, and replacing the large garage door with a wall with windows and standard size door. To add more luxury, install solid wood or engineered wood flooring. If including an exercise area in the garage, make sure that at least this part of the garage floor is non-slip. If there is a wood floor, use interlocking gym floor tiles to protect the wood.

Non-slip flooring in Cheshire and Wirral homes is great for heavily used garages, but also good for bathrooms, washrooms and other high-moisture areas where slips and falls are common.

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