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What is Karndean flooring?

When choosing a floor for your home or office, you’ll find there are many options available to choose from. Hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl tiles and laminate are all potential solutions that come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. For many property owners, the look of real wood floors can be attractive, but these coverings can come with a considerable price tag and involve expensive and time-consuming maintenance.

For those seeking the look and feel of an authentic wooden floor at a fraction of the price, and with far less upkeep, Karndean flooring can be ideal. In simple terms, Karndean is renowned for producing luxury vinyl flooring that resembles hardwood floors without costing you the earth.

What is Karndean flooring manufactured from?

Karndean is a kind of vinyl flooring that is mainly made using a combination of polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate, which is better known as limestone, along with particular pigments that add to its appearance.

The flooring is structured using five different layers – two dedicated backing layers made from PVC, one high-definition photographic layer, one transparent embossed PVC wear layer and, finally, a top layer for protective coating made from polyurethane.

Do Karndean floors have a slippery surface?

Just like any other smooth floor covering, Karndean floors can become slippery if water or other types of liquid have been spilled. However, Karndean floors offer greater protection compared to many other options due to an innovative design feature that offers slip resistance. Regardless, the best policy when a spill occurs is to mop it up right away and keep your flooring dry.

Are there different types of Karndean flooring?

Karndean flooring is offered in a wide selection of different ranges. While some are separated by design, others are categorised by different formats and sizes that make them unique. All the different flooring ranges have a dedicated wear layer. This allows potential purchasers to identify the ideal type of Karndean floor for their property. Areas that will see a heavier footfall, like office receptions, community centres or even busy halls in homes, will require a more hardwearing option. To answer this need, flooring with a thicker wear layer is offered, providing a more durable product that can withstand substantial traffic.

What are Karndean design strips and borders used for?

Karndean flooring is produced in different dimensions and is designed to create the appearance that there is grouting present between the individual planks, offering a contemporary and authentic look and feel for your flooring. The design strips are slender pieces of material cut off from another plank or tile, and they come in a wide range of different measurements, including 76mm, 30mm, 10mm, 5mm and 3mm.

A selection of three different kinds of borders is also available to complement Karndean flooring. These borders include decorative, tramline and keyline. These additional elements can be used to add a more decorative look to your flooring, or more finished edges for a smarter aesthetic in the room around your property.

With a wide range of attractive features and benefits, Karndean is a great choice for many homes and offices.

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